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Voices for
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Image credit: ThePixelofRassilon

For Your Next Project

If you need a Dalek voice for your audiobook, video project, podcast, game or for a birthday greeting, this is the place.

I offer high quality Dalek and Cyberman voices with fast delivery.

Daleks by Era

About the voice Over
Gabriel Green

I am a professional voice actor, producer and Whovian. I have a degree in Radio & Digital Production, and I’ve presented Early Breakfast on BBC Radio 1, produced Heart Breakfast and currently work for an audio advertising company.

Quality Recording and Fast Delivery

Great care is taken to ensure you get the broadcast quality recording that your project deserves. You’ll receive the audio in 2 days for projects up to 500 words, and up to 4 days for anything longer.

Other Monster Voices


Cyberman voices coming soon!

Custom orders

Get in touch to enquire about custom Doctor Who voices.